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" The power revolution isn't coming. It's here. And communities need to be part of it" Greg Barker, UK Climate Change Minister, June 2011

" I am planting the seeds for growth so we can see small scale energy generation flourish in homes, businesses and communities "
Climate Change Minister Greg Barket, 2010











What is the localGen Home Energy Centre ?

..a pathfinder community-based Centre located in market town Ilminster, South Somerset, UK, founded in 2011 by local citizens wanting to provide the public with easily-accessible free information and guidance

about energy- efficiency and renewable energy generation..


A second Home Energy Centre opened in Chard in Autumn 2015


The Home Energy Centres are supported by localGen, a local community energy consultant, and managed by a steering group of local citizens. Householders who are  paying less for their home's  lighting and heating after carrying out the measures and actions recommended by the Home Energy Centre often make a donation so that the good work can reach out to more householders..


Outcomes..The Centre looks for outcomes beyond profit generation by working in common cause with suppliers, social enterprises and community partnerships to build up assets and resilience for its local community, by increasing awareness  levels of its citizens to  enable them to adopt energy-efficiency measures in the face of rising costs, the failure of energy supply and the local impacts of climate change


localGen..As project  managers and consultants for community-owned renewable energy (CORE), localGen, founded in 2009 by independent environmentalists, is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the urgent need for action to be taken by householders to reduce their carbon footprint and at the same time increase their well-being. It has long believed that the public has not had easy access to impartial advice and guidance about energy matters for the home


To fill that need, localGen  opened  in 2011 the pathfinder Home Energy Centre, community-based in the centre of market town Ilminster, South Somerset, to provide the public with easily-accessible free information and guidance about energy- efficiency and renewable energy generation


Information available..In a friendly, helpful atmosphere visitors can browse, use the brochures and other information sheets to look up and look into  the products and services available locally (and some further afield) and get the advice and information they require to make informed decisions

Green Deal and RHI guidance

With the arrival of the government’s Green Deal, introduced to encourage greater energy-efficiency in the home, the Home Energy Centre provided information on how the Green Deal was intended to work, together with other related current government initiatives, including the Renewable Heat Incentive and the Feed-In Tariff subsidies.

The Green Deal was discontinued by the government in 2015 but a new initiative is said to be replacing it in 2016

Showroom and brochures

The Centre has a permanent showroom with products from local suppliers on display and with brochures and access to a computer database of information about subsidies and services. The expertise of independent Domestic Energy Assessors/Green Deal Advisors is available and seminars, workshops, briefings and training takes place on a regular basis at Open Afternoons


For more information,  drop in to the Home Energy Centres based in

- Ditton Street, Ilminster, Somerset TA19 0BQ  2:00- 6.30 weekdays, 10-2 Saturdays

- 2 High St Chard, (at Somerset Media Solutions) TA20 1QB 1:30 - 5:00 Wednesdays


tel. 0751 8039458,  or contact by email to



Background to energy-efficiency in the home

Microgeneration and CORE

Britain can only meet the target set by Government to generate 20% of the country’s demand for electricity by 2020 from renewable sources if there is a substantially greater, and well-coordinated, emphasis on and support for the decentralising of energy generation (microgeneration, or DER) throughout the UK

The target can be met if the government rolls out support for  the distribution of energy generation away from central power stations, replacing it with locally-generated, renewable, clean green electricity, community-based and community-owned (CORE)


For example, the most cost-efficient and rapid method for local generation of electricity is to place solar photovoltaic (pv) panels on the roof of homes, farms and business/industrial premises take up the task a community can set up a local community energy company to establish  enough generation installations to ensure the future energy-resilience of the community as well as develop revenue streams for other community projects

How is localGen involved ? .. community energy generation..

localGen is working to inform and assist local communities and individuals in Somerset that have realized the need to become self-sufficient in power and intend to get going to ensure that the power they consume is clean, “organic” power.

Advice on suitability of a site for microgeneration is provided as an Appraisal, together with assessment of the specific types of generation to be installed , ie. solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, biomass, ground/air source heat pumps, micro-hydro and micro-wind

We explain to homes and businesses that even if right now is an inconvenient moment to get started in generating a supply of electicity, it's still essential in the meantime to change over to buying supply only from a 100% green electricity supplier.

localGen has developed a financing network which is available to the projects with which it works, together with the skill resources to carry out the project

The future - Microgrids

Linking together in each local area, as community wire networks, the micro-installations that generate renewable energy will give rise to microgrids that are independent of the national, centralized, electricity network ..these are SmartGrids, which will provide for each community resilience to the impact of the coming rises in price and the restrictions of supply by the National Grid... power outages (blackouts) are predicted by industry analysts to become “frequent occurrences” from 2015, or sooner ..the time is now to begin to build an alternative energy supply system

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