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" The power revolution isn't coming. It's here.

And communities need to be part of it "

Greg Barker, UK Climate Change Minister, June 2011


"Community engagement in the energy sector will be vital to our vision of the development of energy in the UK in the coming decades"

Greg Barker, Minister of State, Jan 2012


" I am planting the seeds for growth so we can see small scale energy generation flourish in homes, businesses and communities "

Climate Change Minister Greg Barket, 2010


"We face a gigantic challenge in the coming years to keep the lights on and energy bills down... Local communities, with their energy, drive and innovation, are going to be at the heart of this effort.."

Chris Huhne, Climate Change Ministry, January 2012
 energy .. the energy to make the difference .. Community leaders are aware that the opportunity is now here, with encouragement from national and local government,  for a local community to build energy-resilience and energy-independence

The localGen Home Energy Centre,a community-based enterprise in Ilminster, South Somerset, has developed a blueprint for a way forward. Sharing it with other communities that understand the need to take steps to begin to plan and prepare is the mission of localGen, the community energy manager

Formation of a community energy entity is the first of these steps, and then the development of the tasks that will fulfill the mission.  While creating a flow of funds both for the entity and for the community day to day activity is based at each cxommunity's Home Energy Centre, with activities carried out by the community's citizens that have wished to take part with guidance available from the community energy manager


In the South Somerset area, the community energy entity is the

Isle Valley Community Energy Co

More details available on the tasks the IVCEC is undertaking and how it is carrying  them out at energy..the energy to make the difference..


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