Nissan Leaf..the EV with the range !


- miles per gallon equivalent to 339 mpg

- costs £2 to drive 100 miles

- responsive and fun to drive

- even balance and sturdy handling

- at moderate speeds (approx 45 MPH) passes other vehicles with minimal efforts



PV + EV..clean energy in motion..













Test Drive a Nissan the Ilminster, South Somerset area..


As part of the Home Energy Centre's belief in the need for a future with electric vehicles in order to meet  carbon emission reduction targets and bring an end to the oil-depleting ICE Age (Internal Combustion Engine), test drives of electric vehicles are arranged at the Centre in order to spread the word..all are welcome..

The all-electric Nissan Leaf family saloon, the world's first affordable zero-emissions vehicle, will be on display at the Home Energy Centre during test drive days and test drives will take place from there, from 1.30 pm to 4.00 pm


Test drive dates 2015

Taking place during August, by arrangement


..To book a test drive (limited availability) contact and/or 0751 8039458..a time slot during the afternoon will be allocated..allow approximately half-hour including instructions and the drive itsel

Home Generators..don't miss the opportunity

to watch this all-battery vehicle being recharged

from a solar pv installation.. from your roof to energy in your car !

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