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"Traveller, there are no roads; roads are made by travelling" Spanish proverb

..start out on the road, get impartial advice from independent Green Deal Advisors on the best ways to reduce your energy costs


Reduce your household's impact on the environment - use renewable electricity


Home Energy Centre, Ilminster

Find us at the GreenHouse Cafe, Silver Street, Ilminster

m. 0751 8039458

Home Energy Centre, Chard

2 High Street Chard,TA20 1QB

(Somerset Media Solutions)

m.0751 8039458


Wednesdays afternoon 13:30 - 17:00

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..for dates & themes of Tuesday "Energy Essentials", see details below..


Meet the Specialists at the Talks at the Home Energy Centre..

On Tuesday evenings our Contributing Associates are available to provide a themed Talk that takes place at the Centre to answer visitors' questions about all aspects of home energy..

The Talk evening runs from 5.30-8.30pm with the themed Talk starting at 6pm

A suggested donation of £3 for the evening includes refreshments (tea/coffee and home-made cakes!) from 5.30pm..

All welcome !


Tuesday Talks - start 6pm

Talks' themes:
Energy Essentials workshop themes are selected from requests and by seasonal interest

Diary 2016
Wed 14 Dec...HEC Chard
- Open Afternoon, 13:00-18:00
- Introduction to Energy Essentials, 18:00-20:00
Tue 29 Nov - Talk..Energy Essentials workshop
Tue 15 Nov - can interior walls best be kept damp / mould proof ?

Mon 31 Oct- Sunday 6 Nov
CAB Big Energy Saving Week, BESW 2016
All welcome..
Fri 4 Nov - Tesco Ilminster
leaflet distribution 10am - 4pm
Thu 3 Nov - Ilminster medical centre
energy-efficiency Q&A 10-3pm
Wed 2 Nov - Open Day, HEC Chard, 10am-5pm
Tue 1 Nov - Open Day, HEC Ilminster 10am- 6:30pm
Mon 31 Oct - Yeovil Library, energy-efficiency Q&A 10-3pm
Wed 26 Oct - Energy Essentials afternoon 2pm - 6pm
Wed 19 Oct - Open Day, HEC Chard
Tue 18 Oct -  Energy Essentials - evening 5pm - 9pm
Fri 7 Oct  BESW  for the frontline 10am-12

Diary 2015
Tue 27 Oct - CAB Big Energy Saving Week - Open Day ..

Tue   6 Oct -What is the future for Community Energy ?

Tue 22 Sep - Intelligent Home Energy Mangement Systems (IHEMS)

Tue 15 Sep - Battery storage for Home solar pv

Summer Break..

Tue 17 Mar - Should your home have an EV charging point ?

Tue 24 Feb - A Power Cut Cupboard, what should be in yours ?

Tue 10 Feb - Does every community need a Community Energy entity ?

Tue 27 Jan - Heating the home, does renewable heat cost more ?

Diary 2014

Tue 25 Nov - Damp and condensation in the home, causes and solutions

Tue 11 Nov - Replacing night storage heaters, the alternatives

Tue 28 Oct - Glass or plastic,which is most sustainable for household use ?

Tue 14 Oct - Screening of Disruption..54 mins

"Disruption " unflinching look at the devastating consequences of our inaction on climate change"

Tue 30 Sep - Heating the home.. lowest system in cost and carbon emissions ?

Tue 16 Sep - A Community Energy entity..should every community have one ?

Note: Spring/Summer break until Autumn

Tue 10 Jun - Community projects .. workshop/discussion

Tue  13 May - Need for a Community Entity?.What should it do?..workshop/discussion

Wed 9 Apr - Zero Carbon Britain ? webcast from Centre for Alternative Technology

Tue  8 Apr - Pedal-Power'd film screening . "Trees and Stoves" ("Mitengo Ndi Mbaula")

Tue 25 Mar - Shining the light - what makes LED's worth their cost ?

Tue 11 Mar - Will recycling plastic help to reduce carbon emissions ?

Tue 25 Feb -  How can parish leaders work to reduce local carbon emissions ?

Tue 11 Feb - Will the Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI) pay for your heating ?

Tue 28 Jan - Can a solar pv installation be paid for over time, like HP ?

Tue 14  Jan - Nuclear power in Somerset..will it keep our homes' lights on ?


About the Home Energy Centre

Energy efficiency ? Energy generation? - what does it all mean ?

Why is it important ?

The Home Energy Centre, opened by localGen in Ilminster, South Somerset, provides the public with independent, unaffiliated, information and guidance about energy-efficiency and renewable energy generation.

The Centre also provides an understanding and information about climate change and how the future impacts of climate change can be mitigated by a reduction in households' carbon footprint.

Reduce your household's carbon footprint by

- energy-efficiency measures

- reduction in energy consumption

- switching away from fossil-fuel energy


Energy-efficiency, energy-generation, what does it all mean ? Why is it important ?   If you want to know more about actions you can take or you've got a good handle on it and would just like to chat about ideas you can put into action at home to reduce your energy costs, getting the benefit of impartial advice, call in or contact the Home Energy Centre ..

In the Centre's permanent showroom products from local suppliers are on display together with brochures and access to a computer database of information about subsidies and services

The expertise of independent Domestic Energy Assessors/Green Deal Advisors is available and seminars, workshops, briefings and training takes place on a regular basis, every fortnight

Talks at the Talks at the Home Energy Centre..

Every two weeks on a Tuesday evening our Contributing Associates are available at the themed Talk that takes place at the Centre to answer visitors' questions about all aspects of home energy..

The Talk evening runs from 5.00-7.30pm with the themed Talk starting at 6pm

A suggested donation of £3 for the evening includes refreshments (tea/coffee and home-made cakes!) from 5.30pm..

All welcome !


Evening Talks..previous themes:

Diary 2013

Tue 10 Dec Night storage heaters..when is it worth replacing them ?

Tue 26 Nov   Will your solar pv keep your lights on in a power cut ? Yes, but..

Tue 12 Nov Your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ..Is top level, A, possible ?

Tue 29 Oct   Is now the time to install pv on your roof ?

Tue 15 Oct   RHI ..which system to chose..wood pellet or heat pump ?

Tue   1 Oct  Community energy entities..should every community have one ?

Tue 17 Sep's time to change your oil boiler ?

(Also, book your time for an EV Nissan Leaf testdrive, 26 Sept)

Summer Break


Tue 2 Jul  -  Solid wall insulation..can paint be a solution as a thermal barrier ?

Bookings for EV Nissan Leaf test drives afternoon 26 June

Tue 25 Jun -  EV- should every home have one ?

Tue 14 May - How much are your carbon emissions worth ?

Tue 23 Apr - Are we ready for community and district heating ?

Tue  9 Apr - Best renewable energy replacement for oil-fired heating ?

Tue 19 Mar - Green Deal for solar thermodynamic & biomass..?

Climate Week 4-10th March

Wed  6 Mar - EV test drives.. Nissan Leaf at the Centre 1.30 - 3.30

Tue 5 Mar  - Climate Change ..can we stop 4 degrees ?

Tue  26 Feb - Electric vehicles,  why every home should have one

Bookings taken for a test drive of a Nissan Leaf on Wed 6 May- (limited availability)

Tue 19 Feb - "Trees"..the business opportunity, and, developing a small woodland..

Talk (7pm) presented by South Somerset Climate Action (SSCA), two guest speakers Bob Chard: Pedro Brace of Tinkers'Bubble

Tue  12 Feb - Green Deal- providing energy-efficiency for your household

Tue  29 Jan - Renewable fuels for heating - biomass and heat pumps

Tue  15 Jan - Solar pv panels - the solution for rising electricity bills ?

Diary 2012

Tue 11 Dec                  Green Deal - which households will it help ?

Tue 27 Nov                  Community energy - the power to make the difference ?

Tue 13 Nov                  Oil fired heating - will RHI cover replacement

with renewable fuel?

Tue 16 Oct                   Community Renewable Energy - the way forward ?

Tue   2 Oct                   Heat Pumps - the replacement of oil-fired heating ?

Tue 11 Sep                  Will the Green Deal work ?

Mon 23 Jul                   When will the power cuts start ?

Tue    3 Jul                   Farm power - farms as community energy hubs ?

Tue  19 June                 Solar pv - still right for homeowners ?

Tue  29 May                Smart meters - do we all need one ?

Tue  15 May                Community Energy..the way forward ?

Tue    1 May                Water..How Much is Left ?

Tue  17 Apr                 Solar pv..what next?

Tue  20 Mar                 Oil-fired heating - what happens when the oil runs out ?

Tue  13 Mar                 Climate Week Special ..Climate Change

- Why should we worry ?

Tue    6 Mar                 Green electricity - the power to make a difference?

Tue  21 Feb                 How voltage optimisation reduces your electricity bill



HEC Outside  events:


Sun 15 Jun          Green Scythe Fair, Muchelney..HEC at the eco-cafe

Mon 09 Jun          Fairtrade Ilminster ? public meeting, 7pm Greenfylde Scool

Sun 08 Jun          EV's as Classics Classic Vehicles, Ilminster Midsummer Experience

Thu 03 Apl          Coombe St Nicholas Hall, efficiency in the community

Wed 19 Feb        Tatworth Village Hall, Talk 2pm..What can we do about climate change ?


Sat 15 Jun          Climate Change in Rural Communities- Horton Village Hall, info stall

Sun 9 Jun            Scythe Fair, stall

Sat 8 Jun            Ilminster Midsummer Experience..Crafts market.. info stall

29 May-1 Jun       Royal Bath & West Ecozone, hosting the Information Area

4-10 Mar             Climate Week, Events on Tues 5 & Wed 6, details in Diary above


Sat 28 April          Tatworth Open Day, at the Memorial Hall 9 -1 pm

Sun 13 May          Donyatt Big Breakfast/produce market, at Village Hall,                              Yarlington Community Bus

Sat   9 June         Ilminster Forum Green Event, 9 am - 12.30 pm, Greenfylde School,                               Ilminster

Sun   9 Dec          Donyatt Big Breakfast/produce market, at Village Hall 9-1pm

The Donyatt local produce market is held every 2nd Sunday of each month in Donyatt village hall (TA19 0RJ) from 9am until 12pm alongside a 'big breakfast' event. The Home Energy Centre Outside team will be there with info and advice on energy-efficiency and energy-generation..starting May 2013



Global events:


4-10 Mar Climate WeeK

Britain’s biggest climate change campaign, inspiring a new wave of action to create a sustainable future..a week of activities showcasing practical solutions from every sector of society


Sat 5 May           Connect the Dots..How reducing your kWh reduces your CO2


The Home Energy Centre looks to work with common cause with suppliers to build assets for the local community including building its capacity for local energy resilience and for revenue generation for the local community

The Home Energy Centre has been fitted out where possible with fixtures and furnishings handmade/built locally or sourced locally through Freecycle and offers support to households and businesses in the community to establish a policy of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Home Energy Centre

open Weekdays 14.00-18.30 (Morning meetings by appt). Sat 10.00 - 14.00.

Horton House, 8 Ditton Street

Ilminster, Somerset TA19 OBQ

(nearest parking, Tesco)

t. 01460 250986  under repair m. 0751 8039458


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