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The Home Energy Centre Collective (HEC) provides homeowners with the products and services needed to increase the energy-efficiency of their home most cost-effectively and to achieve maximum carbon emission reduction. Selected by the Home Energy Centre, the products and services are available at the collective-purchase price..

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the HEC Collective

There are no costs nor charges for buying through the Collective - just joining in with us to buy is all you have to do !

Homeowners, small businesses (SME) and community energy groups can join the Collective just by subscribing to the Home Energy Centre's monthly e-Newsletter.

The newsletter provides  news and updates on energy-efficiency products and services and news on latest developments in renewable and community energy


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The Collective's Products

Products currently available through the HEC Collective:

- Voltis Home - unit fits by meter to reduce your electricity bill by smoothing the voltage


- EMMA 15 Cascade - a unit for Home Generators that intelligently manages Export by diverting to the immersion and other appliances

- Owl Micro - a small meter that helps you watch and control electricity being used


- the Dante super-efficient down-draught wood-burning stove


- wood-pellet biomass boiler heating system for when the oil runs out..


- natural insulation for the loft..sheepswool, by Thermafleece


- Austrian Enamel - solar thermodynamic unit for your waterheating..combined heat pump and cylinder

- the Ion boiler to replace your oil or gas fired boiler..small and compact

- the CombiSmart unit fixed in your boiler to save water, energy and money..



For details of the products and info about the Collective please email into

Free copy available of product briefings

Product Details:


- Voltis - the voltage manager that provides significant reductions in electricity costs..Save emissions..

UK voltage is supplied at around 240Volts, whilst electrical equipment works most efficiently at around 220Volts. This over-supply of energy not only costs you money, it substantially reduces the lifespan of your domestic appliances.

Voltage optimisation, or power optimisation, makes the single biggest impact to assist you in achieving your energy saving and carbon reduction targets

It is a simple, cost effective and practical energy management strategy which provides energy-efficiency by reducing and regulating the supply voltage on connected circuits to a set level where more devices operate more efficiently


The Voltis unit is a voltage optimisation device designed for use in homes and small businesses. It optimises the incoming voltage (which varies in a range 253V-216V) to a constant 220V giving householders immediate and significant energy savings for the whole home with a single Voltis unit fitted, simply and quickly, to the consumer unit (fuse box). Appliances work more efficiently and more cost-effectively


Based on tests, on appliances such as fridges and freezers "a Voltis unit can deliver a massive saving of around 17%". Voltis also delivers savings on lighting, washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers, televisions and a whole range of other electrical appliances


Voltage management with a Voltis unit provides:

- significant reduction in electricity costs (10%+)

- simple to install (by a qualified electrician)


Normal retail price £327.50 incl.vat + (standard) installation = £397.50

Collective price:£295 .. incl vat+installation = £355

from the Home Energy Centre..

for put in your order for including in the next Collective purchase


..0044 (0)751 8039458



- EMMA 15 Cascade - the Energy & Microgeneration Manager

Are you a Home Generator of electricity from solar PV panels ? Are you aware that 50% of the electricity your pv installation generates is “lost” to the Grid ?

Electricity generated by your pv installation that is not consumed by your home and its appliances is Exported to the National Grid for a nominal payment


Now there is a way to divert your surplus output into appliances in your home before it goes to Export..the intelligent Energy & Microgeneration Manager, the EMMA 15 Cascade

EMMA's benefits to the customer are derived from two key points:

  • 40% of the average energy use in a domestic dwelling is hot water production
  • 40% to 50% of electricity produced by a micro-generator is 'lost' to the grid due to a mis-match in supply and demand profiles - i.e. at certain times your generator is producing more energy than you are using


EMMA redirects this otherwise-exported electricity to immediate uses within the building instead of allowing it to be exported. For instance, it sends the surplus electricity to heat your water NOW - while the surplus is available - rather than allowing the electricity to be exported, only for you to have to buy-in electricity from the grid later in the day to heat your hot water then

EMMA increases the value of over half the output of your generator by using it in the household or farm rather than allowing it to be exported to the Grid


Normal retail price (incl. vat) £2,160 + installation                             

HEC Collective price : £1,750 incl vat

+ standard installation £180 incl vat

for put in your order for including in the next Collective purchase


..0044 (0)751 8039458



- Owl micro Home Energy meter

The Micro Owl is a portable wireless electricity monitor displaying the cost of electricity use in the home on an easy to read LCD display which displays real time and historical cost of energy. This monitor can identify how much it costs to operate individual electrical appliances and helps to identify areas in reducing energy bills through simple and efficient energy saving practices.  AAA Batteries included. Suitable for UK use only. Size:8.6cms x 7.9cms x 5.3cms


Normal retail price incl. vat 20% £28

Collective price:£23 incl. vat

from the Home Energy Centre..

for put in your order for including in the next Collective purchase


..0044 (0)751 8039458




Products soon available through the Collective, meanwhile contact us for details:

Rainwater harvesting units..use rainwater for cleaning, flushing and washdown task, reducing mains water consumption  wherever possible by the substitution of “non-wholesome” water


Light-tubes .. to light the home's dark spaces with natural daylight..this is the oldest and most widespread type of light tube used for daylighting. The concept was originally developed by the Ancient Egyptians

Wormery.. sometimes known as a worm composter, a wormery is a compact, easy, efficient system of converting ordinary kitchen food waste into liquid feed and rich organic compost through the natural action of worms


Eco-insulation .. natural insulations includes sheep wool insulation, hemp insulation, recycled paper insulation, wood fibre insulation and insulation made from recycled plastic bottles

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